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Theebine State School

Theebine State School is now 128 years old and our school is steeped in tradition and values. Situated just off the Bruce highway, 7 km past Gunalda, in a rural setting, once famous for milk supply to the State of Queensland, we aim to build students strong in academics, valuable citizens of our community and knowing that learning in life long. We are fortunate to be the centre of the community, enjoying wonderful country folk and past pupils, who support all the school embodies in traditional values of honesty, integrity and good manners. We strive to be The Best We Can Be in both education and as up and coming citizens of our community and Country. 

We are on a quest, to attain the highest standards in the North Coast Region priorities of Mathematics and Reading. Knowing that Every Day Counts, we show respect by being at school everyday possible. Our year is packed full of adventures, excursions, visits, and our own special events, to make learning fun and engaging.

Theebine State School has mountains of facilities and equipment to keep all students interested and challenged, including iPads, laptops and Lego Robotics. We join other small schools in our areas for Science Days and Sport.  Enjoying growing and cooking healthy food in our permaculture garden, we learn about physical sciences, biology and write and record our garden's growth.

Theebine State School students share responsibility for their learning by following goals and knowing that learning is a window to the world. Parents support all the school embodies to give their children every possible chance to be successful and happy.

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We think we are the best little school in Queensland and we are by no doubt, the prettiest too!